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origin: spongebob squarepants

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“who put you on the planet?” is an expression used in online conversations as an insult towards another poster for his/her perceived stupidity or ignorance. the quote was originally said by christian televangelist reverend x in an episode of his public access tv program the spirit of truth that aired sometime in the early 2000s, but its colloquial usage came through its inclusion in an episode of the children’s animated television show spongebob squarepants.


the quote “who put you on the planet?” was first said by l.a. televangelist don vincent while performing the now-famous “survival scroll dance” on his public access tv program the spirit of truth, which subsequently went viral after the clip was uploaded to youtube in may 2007 (shown below, left). however, the quote didn’t gain its catchphrase status online until it was referenced in an episode of spongebob titled “i heart dancing,” which aired on nickelodeon on july 19th, 2009 (shown below, right). the earliest known clip of the scene was uploaded to youtube on september 5th, 2009, followed by a higher-resolution upload on september 20th, 2010. as of july 2014, the video has gained over 80,000 views.


one of the earliest uses of the quote as an insult was by user skyler0 on the game forum game faqs on december 8th, 2009. on january 27th, 2010, the facebook page “who put you on the planet?” was created. on august 1st, 2010, it was added to tv tropes list of spongebob memes. on november 13th, 2010, a since deleted user added the question “who put you on the planet?” on yahooanswers. on january 8th, 2012, a still of the spongebob scene with the caption “who put you on the planet” was added to to troll.me and on january 21st, it was added to to memegenerator.

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on january 26th, 2013, youtuber nerdyswagchanneltwo uploaded a video titled “who put you on the planet?” which features the spongebob clip on a loop for ten minutes.

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thus ends one long, fruitless journey.

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