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reviewed in canada on april 27, 2017

verified purchase

amazing album, great sound. if you love, like, think you might like, or don’t even know john mayer, you’ll enjoy this album. showcases tons of talent, through three different sets, an acoustic, the trio, and the band. plays tons of hits from continuum, as well as blues-style songs that sound amazing. even has a song that wasn’t released anywhere but this concert! amazing to hear, so much live talent, sounds better than studio. highly recommend this record. if i had to find a complaint, i’d say that the fact there are 4 vinyls. it doesn’t seem necessary as it drives the price up, but i understand why they did it because the sides are organized perfectly, breaking up the music where it is best. either way, i am very happy with my purchase.

reviewed in canada on january 21, 2021

verified purchase

amazing record, but super disappointed with the shipping. there was no protective box of any kind, just plastic wrap so the outer sleeve was damaged. expected more consideration with the packaging especially with the cost of this album.

reviewed in canada on april 28, 2020

verified purchase

quality is good. the album is good. the only downside is too many vinyls mesns that you need to switch often.

reviewed in canada on july 22, 2021

verified purchase

i’ve been coming back to this album regularly for over a decade. it never gets old. glad a i finally made the plunge and got the vinyl.

reviewed in canada on april 28, 2017

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verified purchase

great concert in 3 parts by john mayer, in fact i bought it because i just saw him in the beginning of month and it’s the same musicians same concept except for the new songs, great artist and great contrasts between the acoustic and electric section !

reviewed in canada on september 15, 2017

verified purchase

excellent album probably my favourite all of the best songs on four lps. good quality packaging but it is a little tight, and i find that the mix is a little bass heavy.

reviewed in canada on july 31, 2019

verified purchase

amazing show and top notch sound stretched to 4 lp incredible. now one of my favorite vinyls

reviewed in canada on march 10, 2021

verified purchase

my personal favourite live recording of john mayer, and this is a really good quality pressing. box was scuffed in one corner but its no bother to me. highly recommend.

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4.0 out of 5 stars john mayer live

reviewed in the united kingdom on january 7, 2014

verified purchase

this double-pack cd is the soundtrack to a dvd/blu-ray that is also available. like all live albums, you have to be in the right mood for it, but this one is unusual in that mayer splits the concert into three parts – acoustic, trio and full band. what comes across is a man who is first and foremost a musician, confident enough to perform excellent cover versions of jimi hendrix songs as well as different arrangements of his own songs. if that sounds a little worthy, be ready to be hit with some brilliant rock and blues songs, showcasing his talents as a guitarist and singer – whether solo or backed by top guys like steve jordan (drums) and pino palladino (bass). there are a few girlie shrieks from the audience during the concert, but these have been held back in a recording that faithfully recreates the concert hall ambience without being too ‘clean’ or clinical. john mayer, like all serious artistes, is a work in progress – he wants to develop as a musician even though he occasionally finds himself on the wrong side of the press. but the fact he continues to pay his dues by going on the road with his musical peers suggests that he’s in this for the long haul – and that’s reassuring in an age of here-today-gone-tomorrow stars. and you don’t get to support the rolling stones unless you have something special…

nigel girling

5.0 out of 5 stars go jm…

reviewed in the united kingdom on august 19, 2014

verified purchase

an excellent illustration of john mayer’s talent – and also perhaps of his challenge. he is so good at so many different genre’s that the media end up focusing on his latest girlfriend instead of his songwriting, acoustic, electric and vocal brilliance. meanwhile, he carries on playing the guitar better than almost anyone around and writing really great songs in blues, country, pop and rock styles. he is one of the best acoustic players around and has amazing touch and tone on the electric… yet still so many people deride him. i guess he’s going to have to wait until he gets fatter and uglier to be taken seriously. meanwhile you need to buy this album or the dvd immediately or, frankly, you have to recognise that there is something deeply wrong with you.

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peter w. durman

5.0 out of 5 stars catching the moment

reviewed in the united kingdom on april 26, 2009

verified purchase

i am a recent convert to john mayer, and have enjoyed what i have heard so far. this double live album gives him a chance to show his full range of guitar virtuosity, and hear how he does it live . . . . which in my opinion is well.

i have been a follower of many guitar players, from early blues men to clapton and richards, through to springsteen and bonamassa. all are good in their own way, it just comes down to what you want to hear on that day.

i have continued to enjoy this album, it is always on in the car. gravity is a classic “signature” track. as for his “ego”, there are far worse out there, with half the talent.

i look forward to hearing new offerings from this talented young man.


5.0 out of 5 stars superb musical artist

reviewed in the united kingdom on december 15, 2016

verified purchase

this is a xmas gift for my lovely grandson who by the way introduced me to this guys music, i love his sound and play some of his other music quite often. not bad for a 77 yr old, having been into music for most of my life i am most impressed with not only his voice but also the very high quality of his guitar playing. top marks for a very talented musician.

g parker

5.0 out of 5 stars good musical gift.

reviewed in the united kingdom on february 7, 2021

verified purchase

bought as a gift for family member who was really happy to receive it. packaged well and no problems.

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