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reviewed in the united states on may 27, 2020

verified purchase

i wanted to love the book, but ended up abandoning it halfway thru.
in my eyes the author fails to view her heroins, and life in general, with a loving empowering eye.

to me the result reads superficial, and at times even cynical.

reviewed in the united states on january 3, 2021

verified purchase

well i liked the short but interesting writings of each woman. some women were very very successful, but i had not even realized their financial and self worth before reading this book.

reviewed in the united states on december 24, 2020

verified purchase

i gave this as a gift, and the recipient was very excited to get it! the pages and cover feel a bit thin, but the book itself is thick and filled with interesting facts. as a gift, it went over great!

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reviewed in the united states on may 19, 2018

i have adored every one of marlene wagman-geller’s books, but this one is something really special. her ability to dig deep beneath the surface of a story or a person is truly remarkable, and that talent shines with this book. in the age of the “me too” movement and a focus on equality for women, this book should be at the forefront of the reading list for society. i gave this book to my teenage daughter to read and she loved it. we had discussions about the book and how these women’s stories could inspire her to launch in her own path into adulthood. she said the book made her feel empowered. i agree, i felt empowered as well. these are the stories that need to be told and heard. i am grateful for authors like marlene who not only pull you into the story with her wonderful writing, but also captivate you with the breadth and depth of the way the story is told. i have shared this book with several of my coworkers and made it my choice for my book club. this tome of female empowerment is a gem of a book that shines brightly in a time where conversations about the female experience can sometimes be dark. i recommend this book for everyone, but it is especially a good gift idea for any young woman who is graduating, going through a life change, or just one who needs to be reminded of what amazing capabilities lie within her, just like they did and do with her fellow females that are profiled in this book. a must read about female empowerment, ingenuity, and determination.

reviewed in the united states on july 18, 2018

a departure from my normal reading material, this book intrigued me. not least the title, clearly a play on the expression ‘ladies who lunch’. a not entirely flattering description of women whose lives are dedicated to social gatherings and gossip. what captured me from the outset were the meticulously researched and exquisitely written stories of women who – from all corners of the globe and different backgrounds – went on to stamp their mark on the world.
this is not, in my humble opinion, a book to be devoured in one sitting. there is so much detail, it needs to be savoured in bite-sized chunks. it would be impossible (and unwise) to list all who are featured. suffice to say, i was fascinated by the tales of one anita roddick, hippie entrepreneur and founder of the body shop; mary jacobs, who stitched together some silk hankies and
wrote the prototype of the modern bra, and sara blakely, who went from a character role at a disney theme park to inventing spanx, ‘changing the world one butt at a time’.

please read this book, because it will open your eyes and prove that, ‘the power of persistence’ goes a very long way to pushing through the barricades. an uplifting and inspiring read.

reviewed in the united states on june 19, 2018

marlene wagman-geller — author of women who launch: the women who shattered glass ceilings and as fine a writer as i’ve ever read — contacted me after i posted on facebook about a recent kitchen disaster.

kitchen afire

she wrote, “i set the kitchen on fire when my husband asked me to make him a cup of tea to help his cold. he told me if our marriage had any chance of working i was not to ever cook. it worked for me and it’s been thirty years.” a kindred spirit, i knew i must review her magnificent book.

gorgeous herstories

marlene is also a teacher by profession and women who launch is how history should be taught. finalist pacific book awards 2018, this inspiring book features beautifully written, empowering stories of women leaders, entrepreneurs and creatives who revolutionized the way we live.

we can do it!

estée lauder, girl scout founder julia ward-howe, spanx creator sara blakely, and mary had a little lamb author sara joseph hale who persuaded abe lincoln to set a national day of thanks are just a few of the kick-ass women featured. read these stories and you know, as rosy the riveter proclaimed, “we can do it!”

5 big blazing stars

marlene, you deserve a big cuppa made by someone else because women who launch earns 5 big blazing stars for brilliance. it’s that good!

reviewed in the united states on may 26, 2018

marlene wagman-geller has done it again!

i love her books and this is no exception! she does her homework on the history of amazing women. she finds the huge contributions that these women have made and then she writes the most interesting, well researched nonfiction stories.

marlene wagman-geller makes me proud to be a woman.

this book like her others is very inspiring.

have you ever wondered about the creation of mother’s day or girl scouts of america? what the influence was behind major political change?

women are recognized for their contributions to renowned companies, different brands, and a variety of organizations.

this book is for all women as well as men that respect women or wants to raise a confident daugter.

reviewed in the united states on may 16, 2018

i have been a fan of ms. wagman-geller since her first book “once again to zelda” (2008). i’ve always found her writing as enjoyable for their content as for her highly-readable style. “women who launch” is no exception. in this offering, wagman-geller highlights the stories behind outstanding female entrepreneurs, political figures, and everything in between; and she does so with her usual keen eye for all-meat-no-fat quote-worthy detail. this book manages to capture the human side of the figures while not dulling any of the luster of their accomplishments. highly recommended.

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3.0 out of 5 stars needs intersectionality

reviewed in the united kingdom on july 28, 2019

verified purchase

some interesting stories, each story had the same space given which i can be seen as good for equality. having said that the stories seem rather superficial. major drawback – the work is very white washed and western centric – very few women of colour featured and only western world recognised.

amy o

5.0 out of 5 stars good product

reviewed in the united kingdom on may 16, 2019

verified purchase

great product, good value for money, efficient delivery, would recommend 👌🏻

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