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How do you take care of a guinea pig for beginners?

How do you properly take care of a guinea pig?

How long do English guinea pigs live?

Guinea pigs live for around four to eight years, so their care is a long-term commitment. Males are known as boars and females are called sows.

How do you take care of a guinea pig UK?

Guinea pigs are active for up to 20 hours a day and sleep only for short periods, so they need plenty of space to exercise. A good quality hutch should be draught-free, predator proof and, along with plenty of bedding hay, provide a cosy place to sleep.

What do you put in the bottom of a guinea pig cage?

We suggest lining it with newspapers first. This will protect the bottom of the hutch and makes cleaning the cage easier too. Add the hay or wood shavings on top of the newspaper, making sure there is extra hay for your cavy to burrow and dig.

What is the lifespan of a guinea pig?

Can you keep guinea pigs in your bedroom?

Guinea pig/Lifespan

Is it better to have 2 male or 2 female guinea pigs?

How long do guinea pigs live indoors?

Yes, it is entirely safe to keep your guinea pigs in a bedroom if you can ensure the temperature and airflow of the room is good enough for your piggies. A guinea pig can live comfortably in a temperature range of 18°C to 24°C. Anything above or below that can be bad for their health.

Should I cover my guinea pig’s cage at night?

The most suitable pairings are two females or a neutered male and a female. If you would like to keep a group of three or more guinea pigs it’s not advisable to have more than one male as any more can cause a conflict over resources.

Do guinea pigs smell up room badly?

Can you put baking soda in a guinea pig cage?

Larger enclosures are one of the most basic types of enrichment you can provide. Guinea pigs can live five to seven years and can become bored and depressed without adequate stimulation. Imagine spending your whole life in a walk-in closet; even with occasional breaks, life would be pretty dreary.

What do guinea pigs hate?

Do guinea pigs like blankets?

Covering the whole cage at night can create problems and affect your guinea pigs breathing. That means that you should only cover part of their cage at night. This ensures that the cage remains properly ventilated while still letting in some light.

Do guinea pigs get cold easily?

Where does guinea pigs like to be touched?

Guinea pigs are good with keeping themselves clean, however, sometimes they can smell up the room badly. Before you try to get rid of the odor, it’s important to understand where it is coming from.

What colors do guinea pigs hate?

Unfortunately not. Baking soda may cause health problems for guinea pigs. Baking soda is a lung irritant. If the particles are inhaled, it can irritate their already sensitive respiratory systems.

Is it OK to have just one guinea pig?

Do guinea pigs like to be kissed?

Guinea pigs are scared of other animals, especially larger than themselves. They are also afraid of predator pets such as cats or dogs, which is quite normal. It’s not advisable to keep your guinea pigs with other pets. Some people do keep their guinea pigs with rabbits, but even this combination is not the best one.

Why does my guinea pig squeak when I pet him?

Why does my guinea pig vibrate when I pet him?

Blankets give your guinea pigs something to snuggle up under, which helps them better maintain their body heat. Any blanket will do, though smaller is probably better. A small fleece blanket is a great option. You can also cut up old towels to use.

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